How to Lock your WhatsApp chats: Latest Whatsapp Update

Once again, WhatsApp has released a rather splendid update for all WhatsApp users. The new update is specifically for Android beta users. With this update, you can lock your WhatsApp chats using a code or fingerprint of your choice. Now you can secure your favorite chats in WhatsApp with your own code or fingerprint.

What is New WhatsApp Lock Chat Feature?

WhatsApp has introduced a new lock chat feature for its users. By using this lock feature, users can protect their specific chats and keep them separate from others. They can apply a lock to their specific chat using a passcode or fingerprint, ensuring that only they can access it.

If someone sets a lock on a specific chat using a password, it would be nearly impossible for anyone else to unlock it, even with the help of a password.

Whatsapp Lock feature update beta version
Whatsapp Lock feature update

How to Enable the Lock Chat Feature

To use the Whatsapp Lock Chat feature, you need to first install the latest updated version of WhatsApp Beta for Android

  • First, open the beta version of WhatsApp,
  • Then you need to go to the chat on which you want to apply the lock.
  • Tap on the group info, and then the Lock Chat option will appear.
  • Now you can select your preferred method of unlocking, either with a fingerprint or a password.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, your chat will be locked.

Benefits of Using the Lock Chat Feature

WhatsApp has implemented this lock feature while prioritizing people’s privacy. It allows users to add an additional layer of protection to their sensitive chats. By using the lock feature, you can lock your sensitive chats with a password and fingerprint. Additionally, when you enable Lock chat, any media files such as photos and videos that come in will not be saved directly to your phone’s gallery.

Current Status of Lock Chat feature

The new Lock Chat feature in WhatsApp is currently under development and has not been fully implemented yet. However, it will be visible in their latest beta updates. If successful, it will eventually be rolled out to all WhatsApp users.


In conclusion, WhatsApp has introduced a new Lock Chat feature for its Android beta users. This feature allows users to protect their specific chats using a passcode or fingerprint. By enabling this feature, users can enhance the privacy and security of their favorite chats. While the feature is still under development, it shows promise and is expected to be available to all WhatsApp users in the future.

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