How to use WhatsApp Account on Multiple Phones? Complete Guide

If you also use WhatsApp all day, then a new feature has been launched in WhatsApp for you. With this new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to log into their accounts on four devices simultaneously. Not only this, you will be able to send and receive messages from the other three linked devices as well. Very soon, WhatsApp will launch this feature globally.

Whatsapp’s New Features

WhatsApp has officially launched this new feature globally. That is, all of you will be able to take advantage of this feature very soon. A user will be able to log in to his account on four devices. WhatsApp’s proprietary company, Meta, has kept messages, media, and calls end-to-end encrypted without compromising on security.

How to link WhatsApp with other Devices:
How to link WhatsApp with other Devices:

Along with this, the company has also announced that if a user links his WhatsApp to another device and remains inactive for a long time with his primary account, then that other linked device will automatically log out of it. If the primary user can’t use WhatsApp for 14 days then the other linked devices will be logged out automatically.

How to Use WhatsApp In other Mobile:

By following these steps you can easily connect your WhatsApp with other devices

Before starting first check your WhatsApp app version. It should be It your whatsapp app version is older than this then please update it.

  1. Install WhatsApp on your second phone.

    Open Playstore or App Store on your Smartphone then search Whatsapp and click on the Install button.same WhatsApp in multiple device

  2. Now instead of logging in with a phone number, tap on ‘Link to an existing account’.

    Open WhatsApp and click on agree and continue. Now you will get the option to enter the number. Here You have to click right top and then select Link to an existing account After that tap on Next Button.whatsapp use in multiple device

  3. Now you will get a QR code.

    After clicking on the next button you will get a QR code. This QR you need to scan from your primary phone where Whatsapp is already installed.
    qr code

  4. Scan this code from the primary WhatsApp phone by tapping the ‘link a device’ option in Settings.

    Now open Whatsapp on your primary phone. and click on the three dots on the right top next to the search icon. It is just like opening WhatsApp web.
    open web whatsapp

  5. Click on the Linked Device Option

    Click on the linked device and now your phone’s camera will open. Here you have to scan the QR code which we got on your second device in step 3.
    qr code

  6. Scan the QR Code

    This is the final step. In this step, you have to scan the QR and that is it. Congrats You have successfully linked your Whatsapp to your second phone.
    how to scan qr code whatsappp


Before ending this article we want like add a few things for iPhone users Whatsapp new features are not fully supportable but in the upcoming days, it will get updates. iPhone users can only link WhatsApp to only iPhone mobiles only. Android WhatsApp user can link their WhatsApp to iPhone as well as to Android and Bluestack also.

We hope you liked this tutorial on How to use WhatsApp accounts on multiple phones. If you have any queries and getting errors while following the above givens steps you can simple ask us on comment section.

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