How to Delete Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram Account?

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram’s Threads has emerged as a popular platform for users to connect and share their experiences. However, a unique challenge has surfaced – how does one delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account? This article delves into this intriguing issue, offering insights and potential solutions.

delete threads account without instagram
Threads account delete

Delete The Threads Account

According to Meta’s policy, deleting your Threads account is akin to deleting your Instagram account. It’s a package deal – you can’t get rid of one without the other. It’s like trying to remove the chocolate chips from a cookie – you end up crumbling the whole thing.

This policy has left many users in a bind. They joined Threads out of curiosity or excitement, only to realize that they prefer their Instagram account sans Threads. But with the current policy, backing out of Threads means saying goodbye to their Instagram account too.

Deactivate The Threads Account

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to this all-or-nothing approach: deactivating your Threads account. It’s like putting your account into hibernation. It’s still there, but it’s not active or visible to others.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Threads app and tap on your profile icon.threads account delete
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines).threads account delete
  3. Tap on Account and then Deactivate profile.step 3 of threads account deletation 1 threads account delete
  4. Confirm by tapping Deactivate Threads profile.threads account deactivation

Voila! Your Threads account is now deactivated. The best part? Your Instagram account remains untouched and active.

Future Developments Of Threads

In a recent post, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged the issue and assured users that they’re “looking into a way to delete your Threads account separately.” This statement is a glimmer of hope for those wanting to cut ties with Threads without affecting their Instagram account.

However, there’s no set date for when this feature will be available. For now, users wanting to exit Threads will have to rely on deactivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some common questions that users have:

Can I delete my Threads account without deleting Instagram?

Currently, no. Deleting your Threads account will also delete your Instagram account. However, you can deactivate your Threads account without affecting your Instagram account.

Do you need Instagram for Threads?

Yes, you do. To sign up or sign in on Threads, you need to log in with your Instagram account.

What happens when I deactivate my Threads account?

When you deactivate your Threads account, it becomes invisible to others. However, it’s not deleted, and you can reactivate it anytime by logging back into the app.

How can I change my Threads username without changing my Instagram username?

This is a common question among Threads users. You can find a detailed guide on How to Change Username on Threads without Change Instagram? here.


Deleting your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account is currently a challenge due to the platforms’ interlinked nature. However, by deactivating your Threads account, you can keep your Instagram account active. With Instagram’s CEO hinting at changes, there’s hope for a separate deletion feature in the future.

Navigating the Threads-Instagram maze can be tricky, but with the right information, you can make informed decisions about your social media presence. Stay tuned for updates and changes in this space. After all, in the world of social media, change is the only constant.

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