BGMI Update Download – Release Date For iPhone and iPad

So once again, after a long wait and thanks to fans’ support, the much-awaited BGMI game is now available on Play Store. Indian gamer fans and the Indian government have been thanked by Krafton for this. But this game is still not available for iPhone and iPad users. iOS users still waiting to download BGMI game. In this article, we will share when will be iOS user can download BGMI from App Store.

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BGMI Update for iphone

Now BGMI Has Unbanned In India

Battle Ground Mobile India BGMI iPad is a game that used to be downloaded on everyone’s phone at one time. Every gaming fan wanted to play this game. However, citing security reasons, the Indian government imposed a ban on this game, which disappointed the fans.

The fans continuously demanded the unban of the BGMI apk game, and considering their demand and after making some changes, the Indian government has granted unban for BGMI game for iOS and Android. This ban will only be lifted for a period of three months. If everything goes well during this time, the BattleGraound Mobile India will continue to be played. Otherwise, it may be banned again.

BGMI for iOS
BGMI for Apple
Game NameBGMI
Os RequiredAndroid, iOS
IOS Supported12+
Developed ByKrafton

The government has lifted the ban on BGMI, but with certain conditions:

  • There will be limits on the amount of time you can play the game, and certain restrictions on the hours you can play.
  • There won’t be any bloodshed in the game anymore, as they will change the visuals to something else (previously, players had the option to change the visuals, but now it will be the default setting).
  • The government has instructed to make appropriate changes to the in-game content, including the servers.

Is BGMI available to download?

Now that the return of this game is confirmed, people want to download it. However, its servers are currently offline, and every fan wants to know when the servers will be online again and when they can download it. Regarding this, a hint has been shared on the BGMI’s official Instagram account, suggesting when the game will be online and when we can download it.

The GIF shows a Level 3 helmet and when it changes, it turns into a red heart. They wrote in the caption, “Something very special is coming on YouTube! ❤️ Can you guess the name from the post? 💬 And they also gave a hint: It’s thumping with excitement! 😉”


Is BGMI coming back in 2023 For Ipad?

The Ministry of Information Technology and BGMI are currently having meetings to remove the ban on this game. Game lovers will soon be able to play the game again, as it is expected to be unbanned in May 2023.

Is BGMI launching again?

According to the news about the BGMI New Update 2.3 Release Date 2023, it is expected that the global version of BGMI 2.3 for PUBG Mobile will be released in June 2023. The official website for updates is

Can I play BGMI now on iPhone?

BGMI is now available on Google Play Store for Android users but there is no confirmation for iOS.

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